September 16, 2006 - Rendija West, regular (Nat'l O Day)

 This was Natinal Orienteering Day! The weather was beautiful, the courses interesting and the advanced courses challenging. Some 85 people participated. The string course that Robi Mulford set for little kids was a huge success. About 15 kids participated, and it was fun to see them running along the string to cardboard animal control features that Robi made, pasting on the sticker they found there onto a colorful control card that Robi also made, and then running along the string to the next "control".

August 26, 2006 - Rendija East, regular

We had a lot of competition from the Valles Caldera drive through, but nonetheless 21 hardy people braved occasional rain, thunder, and threat of lightening to participate one of 6 courses in yesterdays. meet. Cheers to Colm Connaughton for handling the preparations and the meet so well. Miraculously, the serious rain held off til we were almost done.

July 15, 2006 - Rendija West, regular


June 24, 2006 - Rendija West, regular + relay

 We had a beautiful day and 62 participants at yesterday's O' meet. Several family groups went out on white and yellow courses as did a number of newcomers to the sport. This was the first time we offered a relay option, where orienteers could team up in teams of three to participate together. Two teams signed up, in the yellow/orange/green category, and i think they'll all tell you that being part of a team was fun.

May 20, 2006 - Rendija South, regular

We had 24 participants if you count the new sports editor for the LA Monitor, who came to find out more about orienteering, walked around the white course, and then wrote a nice article in the Sunday Monitor. Participants came from as far away as Amarillo, TX (2), Albuquerque (5) and Taos (2). The weather cooperated, clouding over so it wasn't too hot, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

April 15, 2006 - Rendija South, regular

Thirty five people braved high winds last Saturday to participate in the O' meet (and Robert Schwartz braved both high winds and high gas prices to come all the way from the Amarillo, TX area). Colm Connaughton did a fine job of meet directing. Course setters were Colm, Dave Scudder, and Judy Opsahl. Tami Martinson, Garth Reader and Robi Mulford vetted.

April 8, 2006 - Bayo Canyon, night

As usual the Night O' was a lot of fun. Twenty one people participated, and everyone managed to find all the controls. Of course we had comfortable temperatures and a nearly full moon. Blake Wood, fresh from his triumph in the Master's Track Championship in Boston, finished the long course in an astounding 35 minutes. 10 minutes ahead of the next competitor. Greg and Karen Kendall did a great job of meet directing, course setting, handling registration and picking up controls.

March 26, 2005 - Rendija Canyon, Regular Meet

A regular meet with four courses on the western half of the Rendija Canyon map.

This was a regular meet.

March 25, 2006 - Doc Long, regular

 Last Saturday was our second meet on our Albuquerque map. Thirty people participated, the weather cooperated, and Andrea Carvey did a fine job as meet director and course setter, and also handled registration with the help of Karen Kendall. Lisa Spader helped hang and take down controls. Steve Cave handled starts and finishes. Colm Connaughton vetted the long orange course. Greg and Karen Kendall gave instruction to newcomers. Robert Schwartz, who came all the way from Amarillo, TX, and Judy Opsahl also helped picking up controls.

January 28, 2006 - Valles Caldera, regular

We had a fantastic meet on Saturday. Over 70 people participated. The weather cooperated. There was a chill wind early, but it abated. The Valles staff built a fire in the start/finish area, which was also sheltered from the wind, making a good place for people to gather after finishing their course. Also the store was open for people to buy snacks and hot drinks.

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