Regular Meet + Score O

Meet Time: 
Saturday, September 19, 2009 - 10:00am - 2:00pm

Location: Los Alamos, Pajarito Trailhead Parking Lot.

Director: Una Smith

A reminder to all that we are having two important, separate, but linked O' events this Saturday:

1. A regular O' meet plus Score O'. In the regular meet, white, yellow, and orange courses have been set. More advanced participants can try their skills on a 90 minute Score O' (a form of orienteering where, rather than going out on a set course, you go out for a set period of time. Each control has a point value, and the person who gets the most points in the least amount of time wins). The Score O will have staggered starts, just as the regular orienteering will have. The Score O' controls will have varying degrees of difficulty, but most will emphasize technical rather than physical challenge. The 90 minute time limit is generous, to allow slower runners/walkers to have a good chance of getting all the controls. This is excellent preparation for the Mini-Rogaine in October, so come and sharpen your skills in control finding.

The meet will be on Sept 19th, from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Pajarito Trailhead Parking lot (west of the Sportsman's Club--directions on the website,, click on 'Locations' and scroll down to Rendija/Pajarito Trailhead), with starts for both the regular courses and the Score O' from 10 AM to 12 noon. Una Smith is meet director. Instruction will be offered to all newcomers, so come and bring someone you would like to introduce to orienteering.

2. Judy Opsahl is offering a tutorial on how to orienteer cross country. It is designed for people who have done beginning courses (white and yellow) and would like to move up to intermediate and advanced courses. The tutorial will be from 9 AM to 11AM on Sept 19th in the Opsahl home on Barranca Mesa (directions also on the Website,, under 'locations'. Scroll down to Opsahl Home). This will allow participants to then go to meet, getting there in plenty of time to go out on the orange (intermediate) course or try the Score O', using your new-found skills. PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. The tutorial is limited to 10 persons, and there is a $5 fee for materials. Participants are requested to bring a compass if they have one, a hat, walking or running shoes, and a snack. Those going on to the meet will need to bring water. Pre-register by e-mailing Una Smith, or Judy Opsahl, Please state on your pre-registration whether you will go to the O' meet after the class.

To do all this requires some help. A meet cannot be run without helpers. Please contact Una ( if you can help with control hanging or vetting (ahead of time), or registration, starts, instruction, or finish results (at the meet). No matter what task you help with, you will still be able to orienteer, and your time helping is you meet fee payment. if everyone pitches in doing something, we have a successful meet.