2010 August 14 results


yesterday at Doc long was a good day for an orienteering meet as there was no threat of rain. A special surprise was that the USFS was also waving all parking fees in the Sandia mountains this weekend.

A long white course was set up.

Many thanks to everyone that attended and also assisted with meet setup. Andrea helped run the registration table while I was out placing controls.

We also had a surprise visitor from the past, Colm Connaughton visited us yesterday. I also want to thank our other attendees the Aikin family and Paul Hedrick for coming out and enjoying a nice warm summer day with us.

I would like to welcome a new member Stephen White that recently re-located to New Mexico. Stephen is an experienced Orienteer and also has mapmaking experience.

After returning from the white course Stephen assisted with setting come controls so that we could have a last minute orange course. Colm and I went back out on the orange ( I also was removing some white controls while on the Orange course). Stephen want back out and also removed some white controls while Colm and I were out on Orange.

Andrea would like to look into the possibility of having another meet at Doc long sometime in October. Anyone that can assist please contact her via this email list. If we have an October meet we will need volunteers.

Some other news. I will traveling to Europe to attend the world radio orienteering championships (ARDF) in Croatia as a US team member. I will now be focusing on final training before departing.

The results from the Doclong meet are posted below.

Results from the 8-14-meet

Stephen White 0:22
Colm Connaugmton 0:28
Rob Aikin 0:33
Aimanda Aikin 0:36
Paul Hedrick 0:42
Beverly & Alex Aikin 0:56
Colm Connaughton 0:47:32
Jerry Boyd 1:04:30

Our next scheduled O meet will be September 25, 2010 at Rendija Canyon.

Jerry Boyd
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