From Club Presiden, Jerry Boyd:

Recently I have had some email conversations regarding USOF and something has been identified that I would like to bring to the attention of our group.

USOF has been providing LOTS of support to our club ( mapping loans , grants and low cost insurance). Currently there are only 3 members of our club that are members of USOF.

There are advantages to join USOF

1. USOF puts out a publication (ONA) that is part of your membership. This is a good way to get news about other events and what is going on.
2. USOF have provided our club lots of support.
3. USOF provides low cost insurance ( group rate) that allows us to have meets and get land use permits from the us forest service. The forest service requires insurance before a permit is issued.

I have been thinking about joining USOF for sometime but simply never got around to doing it. The recent emails reminded me that I should get it done, I just sent in my application.

Lets say thank you for the support and join USOF.

A copy of the application form (PDF) is attached (providing Yahoo does not remove it from this message). If the from is missing from this message it can be downloaded from the USOF website. USOF MEMBERSHIP FORM

I also propose that we provide a copy of the USOF application with our club application to new members.

Anyone can contact me direct at (remove STOPSPAM) or my daytime work number 505-845-3181. My home phone is 505-821-4780 if you have questions or need to get current info about meet status.

Club President, Jerry Boyd