September 25, 2010

Level Technical challenge Distance Climb Controls
Red advanced 6.7 km 485 m 15
Green advanced 5.2 km 430 m 12
Orange intermediate 3.7 km 240 m 13
Yellow advanced beginner 1.7 km 65 m 13

The weather was ideal: sunny, gentle breeze, and cool. Base was set up in the Pajarito Trailhead parking lot, east of some ponderosa pines so that we had warm sun in the cool morning and cool shade in the warm afternoon. There was ample room for registration, map table, and refreshments. There were 27 starts by 45 orienteers. Some orienteers ran more than one course.

All 4 courses were relatively short in distance but technically and physically difficult. Course lengths are straight line distances; climbs are on "best" routes.

DNF: Did not finish. One or more course controls were not punched.

OT: Over time. The orienteer finished after the announced deadline for finishing.

No card: The punch card was not turned in for scoring. Anyone who still has their punch card from this meet can mail it to the meet director for scoring, and these results will be revised accordingly.

Red/Green course

Red and Green are close cousins, having most of their controls in common. They took orienteers north far up into Cabra Canyon and over its broken north rim. Garth Reader said this Red was the hardest course he ever ran. Control 3 was especially hard but fair. The best tactic here was to get out of the ravine where control 2 was set, run to an attack point on the trail on the west side of the spur, then follow a compass bearing across the spur to control 3. Unfortunately, two other controls on the Red course were made unfair due to poor design in the course map and control descriptions. The controls were set beside caves at the foot of a 15 m cliff but the "foot of" symbol on the control description was printed too small for some orienteers to read it. Next time, Una may use the other, larger "foot of" symbol. She could have ensured fairness also by using a "required route" symbol on the map to bring all orienteers to the cliff from below.

Red (advanced, length 6.7 km, climb 485 m)
1 2:39:20 24 min/km Garth Reader NMO
OT 3:33:37 32 min/km Bear Schacht NMO
DNF 3:08:48 Colm Connaughton Octavian Droobers
Green (advanced, length 5.2 km, climb 430 m)
1 1:52:38 22 min/km Stephen White NMO
2 2:03:57 24 min/km Robert Schwartz

Edna Schwartz
3 3:02:45 35 min/km Steven Cave NMO
OT, DNF Timo Schacht

Bill Dunn (shadow, guest)

Orange course

This course took orienteers west and north into a side canyon off Rendija Canyon, then up onto what is known locally as Beanfield Mesa (a pioneer era farm field and a filming location in the 1988 movie "The Milagro Beanfield War"), then east and down the tip of the mesa. This course set several navigational problems, best solved by choosing attack points en route to the control. It also paid off to pause at lookout points to scout out the terrain ahead. To encourage this tactic, the first few controls were set at lookout points.

Orange (intermediate, length 3.7 km, climb 240 m)
1 1:25:15 23 min/km Robi Mulford NMO/BAOC
2 1:56:08 31 min/km Brandon Yorrie

Greg Apodaca

Christian Coulter
Hot Springs JROTC
DNF Jeremiah Easley

Agustin Carter

Elias Tanzy
Hot Springs JROTC
DNF Luis Aguirre NMO
DNF 1:07:20 Kaci Frasier

Luis Madrid
Hot Springs JROTC
No card 0:47:01 Uriah Tanzy

Ciarra Dale

Roxanne Ford
Hot Springs JROTC

Yellow course

The best time on this course was a very competitive 25 minutes, or 14.7 minutes per kilometer. Despite the large number of DNFs, performance by all DNF teams was reasonably good: all missed only a single control. In fact, all made exactly the same mistake, punching a control on the Orange course instead of their own Yellow control. From the prior Yellow control the Orange control was visible to the southeast; the Yellow control was to the southwest and not visible. The controls were on different features: Orange was up high on a terrace rim and Yellow was on a stream bed. The controls had different control codes too. Thus, these teams missed several opportunities to spot and correct their mistake. Use your control descriptions aka "clue sheet".

Yellow (advanced beginner, length 1.7 km, climb 65 m)
1 0:25:00 15 min/km Greg Apodaca

Owen Harrison

Kaci Frasier
Hot Springs JROTC
2* 0:38:45 22 min/km Kaci Frasier

Roxanne Ford

Owen Harrison
Hot Springs JROTC
3 0:57:15 34 min/km Eagle Schacht

Wind Schacht

Mike Schacht

Heather Margaret
4 1:01:51 36 min/km Ciarra Dale

RJ Mullins

Conrad Chavez
Hot Springs JROTC
5 1:04:34 38 min/km Jim Szinger

William Szinger

Rachel Szinger

Ian Swift
6 1:10:28 41 min/km Scott Wright

Jesusin Meijer
DNF 0:28:59 Brandon Yorrie

Christian Coulter

Roxanne Ford
Hot Springs JROTC
DNF 0:33:46 Jeremiah Easley

Elias Tanzy

Agustin Carter
Hot Springs JROTC
DNF 0:47:22 Ian Mullins

Patricia Martinez

Jordan Weaver
Hot Springs JROTC
DNF 1:25:39 Angel Flores

Jackson Miles

Dusty McGuire
Hot Springs JROTC
DNF 1:49:30 Alex Miller

Rachel Vest

Ramon Sanchez
Hot Springs JROTC
DNF 1:49:30 Kristin Clementi Hot Springs JROTC
No card 1:07:45 Uriah Tanzy

Luis Madrid

Elijah Martin
Hot Springs JROTC
No card 1:30:20 Justin Ford

Marissa Aguirre

Shawn Seymour
Hot Springs JROTC

*This team ran the yellow course in reverse order, after two members had already run it in order; technical difficulty was slightly higher.

Many thanks

Any orienteering meet is the result of days of hard work by many people.

Meet director Una Smith
Course design Una Smith and Robi Mulford
Course setting Robi Mulford, Mike Schacht, Timo Schacht
Course vetting Mike Schacht, Tami Martinson, Drew Martinson, Una Smith
Meet staff Kathy Siebe (registration, awards), Tami Martinson (start/finish),
Robert Schwartz (flagging), Don Siebe (awards)
Control pickup Robi Mulford, Don Siebe, Robert Schwartz, Edna Schwartz,
Tami Martinson, Stephen White, Una Smith

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