NMO news for November 2010

November 20 O meet

Our next meet, November 20 (a Saturday) on our Doc Long/Cienega Canyon map, is going to be a large meet for us. Several JROTC groups are coming, possibly also a handful of Scout troops (BSA and GSA) and some other youth groups, in addition to our own members. Register in advance to save precious meet minutes and get a pre-printed course map. Multiple White, multiple Yellow, Orange, Green, and Red courses have already been set.

We expect weather perfect for orienteering but please be prepared as for any winter outdoor adventure. Have spare warm clothes in your vehicle. Avoid wearing cotton. Carry a whistle, a snack, a warm hat, and an outer layer or a large garbage bag you can use as a poncho or tent. If you lack pockets for this stuff, wear a fanny pack or small day pack. If you will carry your cell phone while you compete, write the number on your form at check-in. If you don't want to risk your phone, car keys, etc on the course we can hold it for you in our key box at check-in.

For details please see http://www.nm-orienteers.org/node/161

Radio orienteering

It has been announced that in September 2011 NMO and Albuquerque Amateur Radio Club will host the Eleventh USA Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) Championships and Sixth IARU Region 2 ARDF Championships. IARU Region 2 is North America and South America.

For details please see http://www.homingin.com/farsnews.html

Philmont Scout Ranch

New orienteering maps are in the works for New Mexico. In the 1970s' and 1980's three IOF standard orienteering maps were made on the Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, NM. In recent years orienteers affiliated with Boy Scouts of America have resumed using one map to teach orienteering to troop leaders. This week Northrop Grumman Corporation presented Philmont with data that, among other uses, will be the basis of new orienteering base maps. Brian Coleman with our O club neighbor in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Orienteering Club, contacted Una Smith today to discuss selecting map locations and doing field work to complete the new maps to IOF standard.


Our first newsletter

This has been a test of the newsletter tool on our new-for-2010 website. Same old URL http://www.nm-orienteers.org, new look and functionality. Feedback to:

Mike Schacht, schacht.mike@gmail.com
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