NMO news for December 2010

New Mexico Orienteers' November meet results are up on our website: http://www.nm-orienteers.org/node/189

New memberships and renewals for 2011 received at the November meet: Bear family (Jan, Kim, Samantha), Brasher family (Jeanette, Alexandria Watt), Miliatis family (Greg, Nicholas, Stella), David Nicholson, Steve Prickett family, Robinson family (Ries, Jen, Rosby, Skylar), Thomas Wisniewski, Wright family (Scotty, Jesusin).

First time participants at our November meet included orienteers visiting from Washington (Cascades OC) and Alaska, and members of Girl Scouts of America Troop 10142, Boy Scouts of America Troop 702, Valley HS Air Force JROTC, and San Miguel SAR.

Also on November 20, on the far side of the planet the Victorian Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) club held a radio orienteering event in conjunction with a night-O, with 5 radio beacon control points. The course was 6.2 km long with 115 m of climb, and the best time on course was 78 minutes, for a pace of 12.6 minutes/km. The second best pace was 16.6 minutes/km, by a team who walked the entire course. Wow, those Aussies can navigate. Course design was a low Orange (intermediate) level of technical difficulty. For details see Mia Mia Night ARDF, 20th November, 2010. It would be interesting to see a map of the routes taken between each control point.

Our national authority Orienteering USA has completed a makeover of its website; vast improvement there. Like our NMO website, the new Orienteering USA website is in the Drupal content management system.

Our 2011 schedule of events has begun to fill in. So far we have: January course design workshop in Albuquerque. March possible orienteering boot camp for JROTC in Los Lunas. May orienteering meet in Los Alamos. September ARDF radio orienteering national and international championships. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity and have not already contacted Jerry Boyd in Albuquerque or Una Smith in Los Alamos, please do contact them.

Happy Holidays!