April 30, 2011 Results

Due to the delay in receiving the April results for input, I am unable to report the description of each course. If anyone has their clue sheets from this meet, please contact me & I will edit the results page. Tami Martinson, martindtm@comcast.net

The April 30th Results are as follows: click on "Read More" for full page.

White Course
1-----Cedra Wood-----------------00:17:00
2-----Evan Oro--------------------00:19:00
3-----Lily Wang & Michael Keeler-----00:24:00
4-----Michelle Bowman-------------00:38:00
4-----Sarah Bowman---------------00:38:00
5-----William Szinger--------------00:48:00
6-----Rachel Szinger---------------00:50:00

Yellow Course
1-----Cedra Wood-----------------00:52:00
2-----Beth Hinds-Brown------------01:23:30
2-----Mia Scofield----------------01:23:30
3-----Carina Lanier----------------01:38:00
4-----Michael Keeler --------------01:49:31
DNF---Alex Aiken
DNF---Rachel Bowman
DNF---Thomas Wisneiwski

Orange Course
1-----Jeff Hunker & Daryl Dagel------02:45:01
2-----Stuart Trugman & Toni Taylor---03:34:21

Red Course
DNF ---Rob Aikin
DNF---Richard Williams