May 28, 2011 Results

Except for the diabolical wind we had a perfect day for our meet. There were 17 starts & the Oro family joined our membership. Welcome Oro Family! Thanks go to those that helped set & vet the courses and those that helped with the meet site management & control pickups. Thank you Una Smith, Robi Mulford, Sanna Sevanto, Jan Bear, Mike Schacht, Richard "Mouser" Williams, Timo Schact, Bear Schacht, and Drew Martinson. I couldn't have done it without your help. Tami Martinson, Meet Director.

Meet results for the May 28th meet are as follows:(press "Read More" for all)

White Course [1.5km, 20m, 11 controls]
Robi Mulford design, Mike Schacht set/vet
1-------Kim & JJ Bear------------------------------00:31:00
2-------William Szinger----------------------------00:51:43
3-------Rachel Szinger-----------------------------00:52:49
4-------Sam Bear & Clark Smith-----------------------DNF

Yellow Course [2.9km, 85m, 13 controls]
Robi Mulford Design, Jan Bear Vetted
1-------Sam Bear & Clark Smith----------------------01:02:47
2-------Evan Oro, David Oro, Loretta Weiss----------01:06:07
3-------Kim & JJ Bear-------------------------------01:13:50
4-------Eagle Schacht-------------------------------01:15:54
5-------Bev Aiken-----------------------------------01:56:17
6-------Alex Aiken----------------------------------02:21:35

Orange Course [4.0km, 150m, 15 controls]
Robi Mulford Design, Richard Williams (mouser) Vetted
1-------Jeremy Gerhart------------------------------01:45:18
2-------Rob Aiken------------------------------------DNF
3-------Drew Martinson-------------------------------DNF

Green Course [4.8km, 250m, 11 controls]
Sanna Sevanto Design, Una Smith Vetted
1-------Stephen White-------------------------------01:27:23
2-------Richard (Mouser) Williams-------------------01:33:15
3-------Bear & Timo Schact----------------------------DNF
4-------Jan Bear--------------------------------------DNF

DNF is applied if any box on the punch card has the wrong punch or is left empty.
#10 Yellow was marked incorrectly as NW instead of SW. My bad but all runners found it.