June 9 NMO O-Meet

Event Time: 
Saturday, June 9, 2012 - 10:00am - 3:00pm

The upcoming June 9th orienteering meet will be using pre-registration.

This is necessary as there will be a remote start and pre-printed maps will be used.

Meet fees , membership renewals and new member applications will be collected at the registration table on meet day. Checks are accepted. Please make them out to New Mexico Orienteers.

Please let me know via email at wb8wfk@covad.net if you are planning on attending and provide data (see below).
June 9th Courses are:
Yellow ( if enough pre-registrations are received)

1. Please let us know what course you plan to run.
2. If one person or a group is going on the course.
3. The number and names or each person in the group.

See attached parking map. Registration is located at the Horse parking area.

A special group rate has been arranged for Scout and ROTC groups attending NMO meets. Please contact the meet director Jerry Boyd for info.

NM Orienteers
Fee Schedule
Junior (9 to 18 yrs old)
Fee for map for 1st person Adult $6 Junior $3
Fee for each added person Adult $3 Junior $2

Fee for map for 1st person Adult $8 Junior $5
Fee for each added person Adult $5 Junior $2

(8 & under are free with Adult)

Extra Maps $3
Compass loan $1 plus keys

Special notes relating to registration and finish area and meet operations.

There is a USFS Day use fee for parking of $3 at all parking locations. There is a self pay station and restroom facility at this site. There are no picnic tables. There is no running water.

Other meet operations items:
The registration and finish areas will be co-located. The start is remote.

There will be a short hike to the remote start. Groups will be transported to the remote start in blocks of pre-assigned start groups when called. A meet staff member will guide the groups to the remote start.

Special notes for the White and Yellow course:
For the white and Yellow course there will be a taped route( marked on your map) from the remote start to get you to your first control.

Need for assistance.
Your meet organizers are still in need of some folks to help with meet operations. Members from the local ham radio club have volunteered to provide communications between the registration/ finish to the remote start area.

This would be a good opportunity to practice your map reading skills ( green course recommended).

Jerry Boyd Meet director

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