NMO News for July 2012

Dear New Mexico Orienteers and friends,

In Albuquerque, on the Open Space Summer Series program for Sunday, August 12, is a 2-3 hour class in basic orienteering skills provided by New Mexico Orienteers at The 66 On 66 (expanded from the Route 66 Open Space). NMO has been doing GIS and field cartography to prepare a new detailed map of this exciting new 66 acre open space and this class will be NMO's first event held on this new orienteering map.

Basic orienteering skills include the following:

* read the map legend
* orient the map to the terrain
* locate yourself on the map
* use terrain features as navigational aids:
* handrails
* attack points
* linear features
* catching features
* collecting features

For comparison, advanced orienteering skills include:

* route choice
* aiming off
* contouring
* pace counting
* follow a compass bearing

Experienced orienteers use pace counting and compass bearings only when terrain features are lacking or visibility is poor.

Basic training courses are designed by NMO to specifications of Orienteering USA and the International Orienteering Federation. These courses make use of terrain features so that the student learns to navigate from experience.

For driving directions and to register for this free class on August 12, download the printable schedule of the Open Space Summer Series, linked on this web page:


Pre-registration is required.

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To volunteer to help with field checking this new map and other tasks to make this class a great success, contact Jerry Boyd (wb8wfk@covad.net).