August 23, 2008 - Rendija Canyon, Los Alamos, Regular Meet

Meet, August 23, 2008

Some 28 participants came to the meet inaugurating our new map,
including orienteers from as far away as Tucson, AZ, and Amarillo, TX,
as well as from Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Farmington, NM. These were
primarily advanced level orienteers who wanted to challenge themselves
on our new map, and they as well as local orienteers all came away
enthusiastic about both the map terrain and courses. We had good if
somewhat warm weather, and the thunderstorm help off until all
controls were picked up. Heartfelt thanks go to all who helped with
the meet: course setters, Judy Opsahl, Robi Mulford, and Damian Swift;
Vetters, Jan Bear of Santa Fe, Robert Schwartz of Amarillo, Deborah
Werenko and Bill Carey of Santa Fe, and Ludwig Hill of Tucson. Don and
Kathy Siebe helped with set up and registration, Dick Opsahl, Robert
Schwartz, and Ludwig Hill who helped with starts and finish results,
and Mark Parsons of Tucson and Garth Reader, who helped in a variety
of ways; and control picker uppers Don Siebe, Ludwig Hill, Robert
Schwartz, and Mark Parsons. In what other sport do you have people
coming from as many as 9 hours away and helping out as well as

The results were:

1. Anna and Sara Scott 54:08

Kathy Siebe DNF

1. Dimid Hayes 55:06 Tied
1. Andy Thomson and Jessica Seidel 55:06 Tied
3. Robi Mulford 59:40
4. Stuart Trugman and Toni Taylor 1:04:53
5. Rob Aikin 1:14:25

1. Robert Schwartz 1:40:30
2. John Pascal 1:40:46
3. Dick Opsahl 1:54:49
4. Craig Siebe and Kaitlyn McCranie 2:14:49
DonSiebe DNF
Scott Wright DNF

1. Ludwig Hill 1:06:40
2. Mark Parsons 1:25:50
3. Steve Prickett and Jeff Hunter 1:29:17
4. Garth Reader 1:38:43
5. Steve Cave 2:05:13
6. Jerry Boyd 2:06:06
7. Deb Werenko and Bill Carey 2:15:58
8. Jerry and Linda Scott DNF