October 25-26,2008 - Rendija Canyon, Los Alamos, Mini-Rogaine & Sprint Race

O' Fiesta, October 25-26 2008

About 42 people participated in the October 25-26 O' Fiesta, 19 of whom came from Colorado (9 from RMOC and 10 JROTC cadets). The mini-rogaine was rugged, physically demanding, but with interesting and varied terrain. The sprint was fast, with open runnable terrain and little climb, a good antidote after Saturdays event. RMOC took top honors in all events, but NMO provided the second place finisher in most of them. Many thanks for Garth Reader and Don Siebe for their tremendous job of putting on the mini-rogaine, aided by vetters Dick and Nancy Neuburger and Dick and Judy Opsahl, and to Kathy Siebe, who helped with registration and Tami Martinson, who helped with the finish. Thanks also to Judy and Dick Opsahl for putting on the Sprint and also hosting a dinner Saturday night for those coming from out of town and staying for the Sprint. A big thanks also to the control picker uppers, Bill Donahue, Plamen Djambazov, Sharon Crawford (both from Colorado), and Dick and Nancy Neuburger (both from Kansas City) whose help was greatly appreciated. And, finally, thanks to Greg Kendall, for getting our website back on line even when it meant changing web providers, and to Brooke Mann, who somehow got the information out to RMOC even when it was down. It was a fun weekend, and we appreciate the efforts of all who worked on it.

Here are some photos: PHOTOS


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