October 28, 2006 - Doc Long, mini-rogaine

 Though I didn't attend, due to being out of the country, I've heard that the mini-rogaine was a huge success: lots of people, interesting control points, and a lot of fun. Congratulations to Jerry Boyd on doing such a great job of organizing it. Of course no meet can be put on without a lot of help, so many many thanks for all who helped on this one: Setting controls: Scott Stevenson, Moss Aubrey, Lisa Spader, Jerry Boyd, and Taylor Boyd; Hanging controls: Greg and Karen Kendall, Jan Bear, Scott Stevenson, Jerry Boyd and Taylor Boyd; Retrieving controls: Cristina Luis, Scott Stevenson, Jerry Boyd, and Taylor Boyd; Help on the day of the meet: Andrea Carvey, Scott Stevenson, Colm Connaughton, and Garth Reader. A special thanks to Scott Stevenson, who joined the club on the day of the meet, which means he did all the setting and hanging controls BEFORE he was a member! Welcome aboard, Scott. We'll look forward to seeing you at future meets.

-- Judy Opsahl


Points were deduced for entrants taking longer than the set time, hence the negative scores.


2-hour, over 40
Place Entrant Score
1 Rolf Palmgen 517
2 Robert Schwartz 350
3 Team: Robert Grebe, Joe Sadowski 50
  Team:Deb McFarland, Cathy Camargo DNF


2-hour, 20-40
Place Entrant Score
1 Team:Peery, Fransson, Holmstrom 595
2 Team: Bock 330
3 Ryan Saunders 70


2-hour, under 20
Place Entrant Score
1 Team: Leslie/Marquez 129
2 Team: Mora/Sauceda 128
3 Team: Madriz/Quiles 120
4 Team: Baca/ Weiss 60
5 Team: Wolf/Falcone/ St. Pierre 70
6 Team: Burger/Torrez/Whetstone 50
7 Team: Weddle/Apodaca 20
8 Team: Williamson/Williamson/Wylie -100


4-hour, over 40
Place Entrant Score
1 Ingebrigtsen, J.P. 1340
2 Bear, Jan 1210
3 Team: Carey, B., Gable, C. 1210
4 Team: Reader, White, Woessner 970
5 Berling, Doug 890
6 Aubrey, Moss 816
7 Team: Kim Bear, Helen Morrell 590
8 Warner, John 217


4-hour, 20-40
Place Entrant Score
1 Palmgen, Morten 1197
2 Luis, Christina 1118
3 Swenson, Pete 817
4 Connaughton, Colm 678


4-hour, under 20
Place Entrant Score
1 Team: Vincent M., Cesar D. 270
2 Team: S. Jaramillo, A. Shawa, C. Belone 230
3 Team: Melissa, Alan 200